Our School Profile

Our School Profile

Our Mission Statement

At Our Lady of Grace School, we emphasize the teachings of Jesus Christ while fostering academic excellence in all subject areas.  We provide a caring and sharing environment and encourage our children to put faith into action.

Measures of Student Achievement and Success - EQAO results
In order to find out how we have done on our Gr. 3 and Gr. 6 EQAO assessments, please click on the following link. EQAO Site

Safe Schools Initiatives - Behaviour/Anti-Bullying
We have our general Code of Conduct printed in all of our students agendas.  We have developed a model of Progressive Discipline in which we clearly show our students that action plan to address behavioural concerns. 

We believe that communication is vital in ensuring a consistent plan is implemented.  This is why we send home an Incident Report Form every time a child is spoken to by an adult.

We have an Anti-Bullying program.  Students have been educated on Bullying language and why they need to report incidents of bullying when they occur.  We have introduced Bullytin's to our students as an avenue to confidentially report what we see or experience themselves.  Feel free to print off copies to fill out at home.

School Improvement Plan Initiatives
This year we are focussing on Student Voice.  If you would like more information on how we work on gathering data for our children, please contact your child's teacher.