Clubs and Sports


Library Helpers

We have several Juniors and Intermediate students who help in the library on a weekly basis. Not only are they enhancing their skills but at the same time they are helping to keep the library organize and are doing a great job with helping Mrs. Mulder. 


Our Lady of Grace Choir meets every Thursday at first recess. Mrs. Skinner and Mrs. Danby are always ready to welcome newcomers. Our Choir is always a pleasure to hear at may different events during the school year.

Rosary Club

The Rosary Club meets everyday for first recess. Mrs. Sey and Mrs. Gushulak run this club so if you would like to join please see one of them.

Breakfast Club

The breakfast club runs every morning before first bell. Our volunteers feed an average of 70 students everyday. This wonderful program gives students the proper start to their day to help them to keep focused in class. If you would like to volunteer or donate please come to the school. Food or money (gift cards) donations can be dropped at the school anytime. Please call the school for a list of healthy foods that have been approved. 

Snack Bin Program

We have a wonderful group of volunteers that prepare snack bins for classrooms. These bins are full of healthy snack for students that forgot their lunch or that might just need a little extra. If you would like to donate food or money donations (gift cards) you can drop them off at the school any time. Please call the school for a list of healthy foods that have been approved.