Bullying Awareness

Bullying takes on many forms.  The most common are: 



Name Calling  or Teasing

Gossiping or Isolating
    ***Cyber bullying is becoming one of the most common and most difficult to address.

Check out the following videoclip that clearly shows an example of bullying:

View other Webisodes by checking out www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov

We strongly encourage the Bystander to play an active role in Bully prevention, as many eyes are a great deterrent!

At Our Lady of Grace, we have developed a system of reporting that allows everyone an opportunity to report when individuals have been bullied or have witnessed bullying.  We call them Bullytins.

Primary Bullytin                                     Junior/Intermediate Bullytin

Once students/parents fill out the form, we ask that they send them to their teacher/child's teacher or bring them directly to the office.  All bullytins are dealt with anonymously.