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Progress Reports and Interviews
Published on Nov 4, 2016 09:22

Teachers are busily completing Progress Reports for the fall.  

The Progress Report is the first opportunity for teachers to let you know how your child is doing.  

Progress Reports will be going home on November 16th.  Interviews will be scheduled for the evening of November 17th and during the day on November 18th.  (If there are scheduling difficulties, individual teachers may provide other options as well.)

We will be sending home the Interview Form by the end of this week in hopes that all forms can be returned by next Friday, November 11th.  We strongly encourage all parents to ensure that they can attend this interview.  

Only one interview form will come home per family with the youngest child you have in our school.  Please include all children on that form and the teachers will coordinate the times as closely as possible.  We will send that actual interview date and time with your child's progress report.  

Attached is a form if you do not get one by Friday.

Interview Form