Hot Lunch Program

Food Programs at Our Lady of Grace

imagesOur Lady of Grace School is ready to begin offering milk and hot lunches for the year. All lunch and milk orders will be delivered during the 2nd Nutrition break at 1:00 pm. We are doing monthly orders this year. Please order what you want for the whole month. We are no longer taking weekly orders. Milk and pizza can no longer be order daily or weekly.   

 Hot Lunches

Our Lady of Grace has decided to offer a variety of lunch choices this year:

  1. Crabby Joes on Tuesdays
  2. Pizza on Wednesdays
  3. Subs on Thursday
  4. Milk daily

Crabby Joes is on Tuesdays. All meals will include a  drinking box.

Domino’s Pizza is on Wednesdays. Each slice of pizza will be $1.50 and you have the choice of pepperoni or cheese.

 Mr. Sub is on Thursdays. All subs are $4.00 each and $5.00 if you want the drinking box with it.

 Milk is sold daily. All milk is $1.00 and you have a choice of chocolate or white.